Let's build the ultimate entrepreneurship course for your students, together.

What's inside the Trainer Academy ?

The Startup Experience Trainer Academy is our brand new online platform where entrepreneurship educators, trainers and mentors can find everything they need to run a world-class course on entrepreneurship. We know that one-size doesn't fit all so everything is modularized and easy to modify to fit into your schedule. 

Inside the member area you'll find best practices and coaching on how to teach entrepreneurship, video lectures, slide decks, and a complete syllabus for the ultimate entrepreneurship course including weekly homework assignments and grading rubrics. We have libraries of resources, downloadable templates, and a community of trainers and educators just like you eager to share and learn with one another.
Why You Should Choose Us:

Online course materials at your fingertips

We've built the online resources for entrepreneurship educators, mentors and trainers to make it easier to run world-class entrepreneurship courses.

160+ schools agree, it works!

The Startup Experience is a proven program that has been developed in collaboration with educators from leading universities and experienced entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley.

Global from the start

Our courses have been tested with students from many different cultural backgrounds and are now running successfully in 20+ countries on six continents around the world. 


We know it's not easy to teach entrepreneurship but after having trained over 500 educators and seen them run phenomenal courses, we know it's possible for anyone to run a world-class course.
Trusted by Schools, Just Like Yours.

What our students say about us

The Startup Experience workshop was one of the most transformative and enlightening experiences I have had since beginning my college career. The skills that I gained through this workshop will help me succeed in all aspects of my life and have inspired me to be a social innovator in our globalized society. I highly recommend that anyone who is given the opportunity to participate in this workshop do so. 

Saffiate Ba, Colgate University, USA
Easily one of the most informative, captivating and interactive lessons I have been a part of. Henrik taught us about creativity, improvisation and ideation. He also talked about how each attribute could be inspired and evoked both individually and within a group. Those respective attributes, I believe, are among the most significant factors that an individual and a team can possess for their aspiration to progress both in the business world and in life too. I couldn’t have asked for a better speaker to talk about these important subjects.

Kevin Adato, Stanford University, USA
The Startup Experience in Leiden (Holland) was a great and exciting adventure. Henrik Scheel is an inspiring speaker and his drive and passion make the experience unique. Henrik explains the basics of business and hands the attendees the tools they need to solve real problems and to build a sustainable business. Henrik constantly challenges his students and persuades everyone to participate. The program is perfect for anyone who wants to start a business but also for anyone who wants to learn how to solve problems in a structured and creative way. I would recommend the Startup Experience to anyone who is looking for a challenge.

Vincent van der Wel, Area71, Holland
Startup Experience is a great program for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. In the vanguard of entrepreneurial theory, they teach the latest authors like Steve Blank and Osterwalder, and they create awesome workshops in order for entrepreneurs to learn to think, fail, move on and work tirelessly on an idea: enhancing execution. I definitely enjoyed being part of this experience.

Oscar Gonsenheim, TEC de Monterrey, Mexico
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